I'm Sara and I'll be your flight attendant today!
No really, I'm Sara Tornow. I'm a full-time student, part-time worker, internship looker, and blogger. I'm from Ohio, where nothing usually happens except for all of the small town drama that no one really wants to be apart of anyways. I'm a wanna-be crafter that often fails, which means the computer is a comfortable and safe place for me to fulfill my creativity.

I run the blog Sweet November.

My Mission

I'm here to help you! Whether you're looking for a new logo design for your business or yourself, a header for your blog or shop, or just an overall branding look, we're here to help you get to where you want to be. We want people to be excited about your branding design, but most of all we want you to love the design we create for you.

My Education

In July of 2007 I moved to Chicago, Illinois to attend the Illinois Institute of Art (AI) to major in Visual Communications

In of 2008 I move to Kalamazoo, Michigan to attend Western Michigan University to major in Fine Art

In 2009 I moved home to Ohio and I'm attending the Art Institute of Michigan (AI) majoring in Visual Communications

I'll Graduate in September of 2011.

My Skills

I am skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Office.
I have some experience with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Contact Me: